70% of Americans experience dehydration. Our cells need water. Dehydration causes stress to our cells and directly leads to low performance and chronic diseases. Our body is 70% water and our blood is 90% water.

Bottom line…our bodies are water!

Energized Water can support the following:

  • Hydrates the Cells
  • Helps Transport Nutrients
  • Enhances Waste Removal
  • Supports Immune System
  • Improves Cellular Communication
  • Enhances Metabolic Efficiency

Is the water you drink helping you?

New findings reveal that most of the water we drink is scientifically classified as “lifeless.” It lacks oxygen, minerals, and molecular structure. Tap, filtered, or distilled water will have a large cluster size. This means it cannot enter the cell membrane. Therefore, no matter how much water is consumed, it is not truly entering your cells, nor is it allowing 70 trillion of cells in your entire body to detox, absorb the nutrients, nor more importantly heal. This leads to chronic dehydration on a cellular level.

We use energized water. Energized water is a 4th phase of water, its existence being somewhere between solid and liquid state. Nature creates this 4th phase of water with rain or snow. As the precipitation falls, it gains oxygen and minerals through movement and vortexes of energy from the Earth. This results in a highly energized, structured, mineralized, oxygenated and purified living water. Unfortunately, it molecular structure is fragile, and it becomes lifeless through our modern-day processing and filtration systems.

In our office, we can mimic Earth’s natural process to make energized water. We do this through a strong electromagnetic power which generates a vortex. This vortex allows minerals and oxygen to absorb into the water molecules and the large water molecules are broken down. This creates energized water that is readily absorbed by the body on a cellular level defeating chronic dehydration.